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9/11/2023 Message from Family First 

Family First Credit Union, located at 1011 N. Michigan Ave. Saginaw, MI, experienced a robbery incident by an unidentified individual shortly before 10 AM on Monday, September 11, 2023. We are cooperating fully with local law enforcement authorities as they conduct their investigation into this unfortunate incident. Our top priority is ensuring the well-being of our affected staff members, and we are providing them with the necessary support during this time.





Message to our Members

Important Notice Regarding ATM Skimming Incident
Dear Valued Member,
We want to inform you about a recent incident that has come to our attention. On 8/28/2023, Family First Credit Union discovered a skimming device that was fraudulently installed on our ATM located at 1011 N. Michigan Ave., Saginaw, MI 48602.
Please be assured that we are taking immediate and proactive steps to address this situation. Our top priority is the safety and security of your financial transactions. We are actively working with affected members to mitigate any potential impact and to ensure that necessary precautions are in place to prevent any further fraudulent activities.
We are collaborating closely with local authorities to combat any potential threats and to uphold the safety of our community. Please notify us at 989-759-1686 if you used our N. Michigan Avenue ATM between August 24 and August 28, 2023.
If you have any concerns, require assistance, or suspect any unauthorized activity related to your account, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. You can visit your nearest branch, or contact us directly at 989-759-1686 (option 5).
Your trust in Family First Credit Union is of utmost importance to us, and we are committed to ensuring the security of your financial transactions. Thank you for your ongoing support.
Best regards,
Family First Credit Union Team



What is ATM Skimming

ATM skimming is a type of fraud that occurs when a terminal has been compromised by a skimming device or skimmer. A skimmer is a device that contains a card reader that can be disguised to look like part of the card terminal. Fraudsters place a small device “skimmer” on or in a card reader that collects card numbers and PIN codes, which are then replicated into counterfeit cards.

ATM skimming fraud is on the rise, and we want our members to be aware what to look for at ATMs, gas pumps, and anywhere a debit or credit card is used.

How to Prevent ATM Skimming

Scrutinize the ATM: Look for signs that the ATM might have been altered – parts that look crooked, a loose card reader, loose or spongy ATM keys, etc. If there is another ATM nearby, compare the two to see if there are obvious differences.

Be choosy: Visit high-traffic and high profile ATMs and gas pumps. Avoid gas pumps that are out of sight of the clerk and ATMs in areas with little traffic. If you get odd denial messages or card read errors please call us immediately.

Cover the PIN pad: This prevents cameras and nearby thieves from seeing your PIN.

Pay inside: There is less chance a fraudster placed a card skimmer on the payment terminal in front of the clerk inside the gas station or convenience store.

Be vigilant: Be observant of your surroundings. Stand directly in front of the ATM while using it and watch for anyone standing too close.

Also, check your accounts regularly and set up fraud alerts to be notified of any potential fraud right away.

If you suspect ATM skimming at one of our ATMs or if you’ve been the victim of ATM skimming, contact us right away. Please visit our website, stop by your nearest branch or call us at 989-759-1686.


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