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Healthy Saving Habits from the Start!

Family First Credit Union’s goal is to educate students and their parents about the importance of saving for both long and short-term goals. Saving money is a life-long commitment and creating the habit of saving now should help ensure a financially stable adult life. All that's needed is the child's date of birth, Social Security number, an adult who will have to remain a joint owner on the account until the minor reaches the age of 18, and a small $5.00 deposit.

To help our young member’s ages 0-17 years old begin building their savings, we will deposit $25 to new youth accounts under 12 months of age, and match up to $25 on your opening deposit for members 1-17 years! All members age 23 years and under will earn very competitive dividends on their savings accounts. There is NO minimum balance while the member is under the age of 23. Our Youth CD is also a great way to begin for those under 23 years to earn an even higher rate of return on their savings.

Youth Account holders 0-17 years                                                 Youth Accounts

  • $25 opening deposit match (account must remain open 6+ months or match deposit will be forfeit).
  • Report Card Rewards (minor account holder must be present, max of $20 per year)
  • A special prize for each deposit you make in person (age 0-13 yrs)
  • Birthday postcard mailing for a chance to win $25.00
  • Deposit Punch Card Rewards (completed punch cards receive a $10 deposit, max of $20 per year)

Other products and services that enhance our young member’s age 14 – 17 years credit union experience and start preparing them for a prosperous financial future.

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Youth Accounts
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