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Membership at Family First Credit Union

Our Vibrant History

Imagine a group of dedicated individuals coming together in 1939, amidst the aftermath of the Great Depression, to create a financial haven for Saginaw's municipal employees. That's when Saginaw Municipal Employees Credit Union was born, out of a desire to provide a "member-friendly" alternative to traditional banks. Starting humbly in the basement of City Hall, we quickly outgrew that space and found ourselves moving from one cozy house to another on Washington Avenue. Finally, in 1989, we settled into our current location on N. Michigan Avenue—a place we proudly call home.

In 2003, we embraced a new name, Family First Credit Union, which perfectly encapsulates our values and vision. This change also allowed us to extend our membership to the wider community, opening doors to more families seeking financial empowerment. As we expanded, we renovated our main office in August 2004 and joyfully inaugurated our first branch office on Midland Road in Freeland. Our growth continued with a charter expansion in October 2011, enabling us to serve members in Midland and Genesee County. In May 2013, we proudly unveiled our second branch on Tittabawassee Road in Saginaw.

Join Our Family

At Family First Credit Union, we believe in the power of community. That's why our membership is open to anyone residing, working, worshiping, or attending school in Saginaw, Bay, Midland, or Genesee Counties. And when we say "family," we mean it—relatives by blood, marriage, or even foster children living in a member's household are welcomed with open arms. Additionally, if you're a retiree aged 55 or older, receiving a pension, and living within the boundaries of our beloved Michigan counties, you too can become a valued member.

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Your Credit Union—Your Safe Haven

Think of us as your financial sanctuary, where your money works diligently and confidentially for you. As a member-owned and democratically controlled consumer financial cooperative, each and every member holds the keys to our credit union. You're not just a customer; you're an owner, a saver, and a potential borrower. Together, we embody the spirit of people-helping-people, fostering cooperation within our structures and across credit unions. By pooling our resources to purchase shares, we create opportunities for low-cost loans to fellow members. And as these loans are repaid, the interest received is reinvested in our community, in the form of dividends to our valued shareholders—you.

Once a Member, Always a Member

When you join Family First Credit Union, you become part of our family for life. Even if your circumstances change—a new job, a move to a different area, retirement, or a shift in your field of membership—you retain your cherished membership and all the benefits that come with it. We're here for you through thick and thin, providing the unwavering support and financial guidance you deserve.

So, why wait? Join our family today and experience the rewarding journey of being a part of something greater—your very own credit union. Together, we'll build a brighter future and share the incredible benefits of our cooperative spirit.

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