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Special Savings Account

Special Savings Accounts

Explore the benefits of our Escrow & Special Savings accounts, designed to help you manage your finances and save for specific goals:

Escrow Account: Stay ahead of property taxes and homeowners' insurance by opening an Escrow Account. This separate savings account keeps your funds dedicated to these expenses, ensuring you're prepared when the bills come due. With automatic contributions or manual deposits, you can easily build up your escrow savings.

Goal-Specific Savings: Planning for a car, home upgrade, or special purchase? Create separate savings accounts for each specific need. With our Goal-Specific Savings accounts, you can track your progress and keep your savings organized. Whether it's a down payment on a new car or a dream vacation, we're here to help you achieve your goals.

Christmas Club: Get a jumpstart on holiday shopping with our Christmas Club. Make deposits whenever you have extra funds or set up automatic transfers with each direct deposit. By October, your Christmas Club funds will be seamlessly transferred to your Savings Account, ready for the festive season. Say goodbye to holiday stress and hello to worry-free shopping.

Vacation Club: Whether you're dreaming of a vacation next year or in the near future, our FFCU Vacation Club account makes saving for your getaway a breeze. Set up automatic transfers or deposit funds whenever you have surplus money and watch your vacation fund grow. With our Vacation Club, you'll have the funds ready to make your dream vacation a reality.

Experience the convenience and peace of mind that comes with our Special Savings options at Family First Credit Union. Start maximizing your savings today! Open your Special Savings accounts at one of our convenient branches.

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