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Saving For Just the Right Occasion!

Escrow & Special Savings

An additional savings account, under your member number, that can be used to save for whatever you want while keeping those savings separate from your primary savings! Be prepared for your property taxes and home owners insurance by opening an Escrow Account. Or, planning on purchasing a car, home upgrade, or special purchase? With a second savings for each separate need, you will always know how much you’ve saved for each.

Christmas Club

Be prepared for the holiday season by joining our Christmas Club. Make a deposit when you have the extra money or have a set amount transfer with automatic payroll deduction with each direct deposit of your paycheck. To give you a head start on your holiday shopping, Christmas Club funds are automatically transferred to your Savings Account in the beginning of October.

Vacation Club

Whether next year or in the next few months, be prepared for your next vacation with a FFCU Vacation Club account. You can set up automatic transfers to your Vacation Club from your regular savings or checking account or deposit into the account whenever you have extra funds. Let FFCU make saving for that dream vacation a breeze!

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