Loan Rates

Rates effective as of April 1, 2019 and are subject to change.

New Auto (includes cars, vans, trucks, and conversion vans) Rate Type
Up to 36 monthsAs low as  3.85%APR *
Up to 48 monthsAs low as  4.00%APR *
Up to 60 monthsAs low as  4.25%APR *
Up to 72 monthsAs low as  4.50%APR *
Up to 84 months (2018 - 2019 only)As low as  5.25%APR *
Used Auto 5 Model Year & Older (includes cars, vans, trucks, and conversion vans) Rate Type
Up to 36 monthsAs low as  4.35%APR *
Up to 48 monthsAs low as  4.50%APR *
Up to 60 monthsAs low as  4.75%APR *
Up to 72 monthsAs low as  5.00%APR *
Home Equity Loans Rate Type
5 Year FixedAs low as  4.99%APR *
10 Year FixedAs low as  5.49%APR *
New and Used Motorcycle, Boat, and RV Loans Rate Type
36-59 monthsAs low as  3.99%APR *
60-84 monthsAs low as  3.99%APR *
10 Year FixedAs low as  4.25%APR *
15 Year Fixed (Minimum $25,000)As low as  4.58%APR *
New and Used ATV Loans Rate Type
Up to 60 monthsAs low as  3.99%APR *
84 months (for new only)As low as  4.25%APR *
Miscellaneous Rate Type
VISA Credit Card 8.90%APR *
Signature and Credit Builder LoansAs low as  8.99%APR *
Share Secured Loans (Base Rate 2.50% + Share/CD Rate)As low as  2.50%APR *
Emergency Loan (30 day repayment-rate plus fee) 18.00%APR *
Line of Credit-Checking Overdraft Protection  18.00%APR *

* APR = Annual Percentage Rate. Rates listed represent our best rate and are subject to credit approval. Not all members qualify for our best rate. To determine your rate, please contact the credit union. Rates are subject to change without notice.