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Quick Cash Loans

Need Quick Cash For An Enexpected Bill? Our Quick Cash Loan May Be What You Need.

No credit review required. Apply for a Family First Credit Union Quick Cash Loan today and funds will be deposited to your accounts after November 1, 2021, on all approved Quick Cash loans.

  • Qualification Criteria:
    • $25 cash loan application fee
    • Account with Direct Deposit at Family First Credit Union for a minimum of the last 3 months (90 days) with at least one direct deposit into that account each month during that period
    • Account is in good standing with FFCU. No delinquent status on a loan or negative in share beyond OOP’s limit
    • Any prior Quick Cash Loan with FFCU must be paid in full

As a member, first time Quick Cash Loan borrowers can apply for $1,000. Second time Quick Cash Loan borrowers can apply for $1,250. 

  • 18% Annual Percentage Rate
  • No prepayment penalty
  • 11 months to repay
  • Credit Life & Disability Insurance available with debt protection for a low cost
  • Automatic withdraw for Quick Cash Loan payment deduction available
  • Funds automatically deposited into your FFCU account upon approval
  • Fast, friendly service

Available: November 1st - December 31, 2021

Once your application is submitted, a loan officer will contact you for follow up on the application for your e-signature to complete the application process. 

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Applying for a Joint Account:
This application initiates the loan process. Final signature(s) will be required to advance funds, including signatures for joint applicants. We will contact you soon.

Social Security Number:
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Birth Date:
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Social Security Number:
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Birth Date:
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I am (we are) submitting an application to Family Frist Credit Union (the “Credit Union”) for a Quick Cash Loan. Everything I (we) have stated in this application is correct to the best of my (our) knowledge. I (we) understand that you will retain this application whether or not it is approved. You are authorized to check my (our) credit history, as needed, and to answer questions about your credit experience with me (us). I (we) understand that upon approval of this loan application, additional personal and financial information may be required prior to disbursement of loan proceeds. I (we) agree to pay a $25.00 application fee and agree that the Credit Union may take this fee from any account that I own at the Credit Union. I UNDERSTAND THAT THE CREDIT UNION ONLY ISSUES A QUICK CASH LOAN IN THE AMOUNT OF $1,000.00 OR $1,250.00 FOR PREVIOUS YEAR BORROWERS. I FURTHER ACKNOWLEDGE AND UNDERSTAND THAT I AM ELIGIBLE ONLY IF I HAVE MAINTAINED AN ACCOUNT AT THE CREDIT UNION FOR AT LEAST THE PREVIOUS NINETY DAYS (90) AND THAT I HAVE HAD AT LEAST ONE DIRECT DEPOSIT OF INTO THAT ACCOUNT EACH MONTH DURING THAT PERIOD. If I do not meet the criteria for a Quick Cash Loan, I may be eligible for other loans at the Credit Union, but that I must separately apply.

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